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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I didn’t know I received a parking ticket, traffic violation, or toll charge

A: Although cities, municipalities, and issuing authorities make every attempt to ensure proper notification at the time of the issued violation. It is possible you never received prior notification. If you feel the violation(s) was issued in error, please contact VMS.

Q: Why did the charge come from VMS instead of the company I rented from?

A: The company you rented the car from has engaged the services of VMS to manage and process all violations and/or toll charges issued to their vehicles. The sheer number of violations and/or toll charges their customers received, made it nearly impossible for them to process these violations on their own.

Q: What is a “Non-Transferable” violation?

A: This is a violation which the issuing authority does not accept a renter's information in place of payment. We are required to pay the violation up front and then collect from the renter in accordance with the terms of the rental agreement signed by the renter.

Q: What is a “Transferable” violation?

A: This is a violation which the issuing authority does allow us to transfer the financial liability to the individual who rented the vehicle at the time the ticket or violations was issued.

Q: Why was I charged a Service Fee?

A: The service fee helps to cover the cost associated with the administration, notification, processing, tracking, transferring, and the payment of the violations (when applicable). These associated cost are the same regardless of the amount of the original violation. Similar to a “bounced” or "NSF" check, the returned check fee is charged to "each" returned check and is the same whether the check was written or for $1 or $1,000.

Q: Can I dispute this ticket?

A: Many issuing authorities offer a process in which you are able to dispute a violation. Please contact them directly for futher information. For more information please see our 'Links' page.

Q: If I have attempted, but failed, to get a ticket dismissed or reduced can VMS still help me?

A: Unfortunately, if you have gone through the complete process offered by the issuing authority, they do not allow any further review and VMS would no longer be able to assist you.

Q: What do I do if I am successful in getting the ticket or violation dismissed or reduced after I have already paid it?

A: If you disputed the ticket yourself, you will need to contact the issuing authority for information on how to apply for a refund.

Q: I had my personnel transponder in the vehicle. Why did I get a toll evasion notice?

A: Even though you have a transponder, it was either not working properly, displayed properly, or had exceeded the credit limit on the account and therefore the transponder was not read as it went through the toll booth. Had the rental car been added to your account they would have been able to link this toll charge(s) directly to your account and our services would not have been needed. However, the only way the issuing authority could bill for the toll was to send an invoice to the company to be processed.

Q: I was never stopped by a police officer, how did I get a ticket?

A: This citation was issued by an Automated Traffic Enforcement Device, or ATE. As the name implies the citation is issued by a computer system and cameras which are set to detect violations. A picture is taken of the plate when a speeding or red light violation is detected and the citation notice is mailed to the registered owner of the offending vehicle. As the renter of record, you were identified to the issuing jurisdiction as required by applicable statutes, ordinances, and regulations of that jurisdiction.

Q: I made payment for the violation within the time frame allowed by the issuing authority, why did I receive a notice from VMS?

A: VMS received a notice from the issuing authority that the violation had not been paid within the allotted time. If payment was made PRIOR to the date of our letter, VMS will refund all applicable charges once proof of timely payment is provided.


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